Convoy Procedures

CONVOY Standard Operating Procedures

Club trips can sometimes involve 10 or more cars moving in convoy and messages are easily lost over the radio and the possibility of losing cars is greatly increased, below are some recommendations for moving in convoys

The Trip Leader should:

  1. Nominate a person to be the “Tail End Charlie” and a “Middle man” for the duration of the trip and ensure that person has a clear understanding of where you intend to go and what their task is.
  2. Before the commencement of a trip inform all members participating on the intended route and ensure they are on the correct radio channels.
  3. On the approach of an oncoming vehicle whilst on a track the Trip Leader should stop and communicate with the driver of that vehicle and come to an arrangement of which convey will have right of way and inform the rest of the convoy as to what course of action they should take (either pulling off the track or continue on).
  4. Mark all corners where signage is easily missed, not present or ambiguous.
  5. Prior to commencing the trip contact relevant authorities to ensure all tracks are accessible and open.
  6. If the convoy is more than 10 vehicles long split the group in two and nominate a person to lead the second convoy and arrange alternate routes or start times.

The Main Body should:

  1. Follow instructions given over the radio from the Trip Leader in regards to obstacles or oncoming vehicles.
  2. Mark all corners where signage is easily missed, not present or ambiguous and establish contact with the vehicle behind them before moving off.
  3. Where possible have a map or GPS with intended route on it.
  4. If the convoy is stretched out over long distances “The Middle man” acts as a relay for the Trip Leader to the “Tail End Charlie”.

The “Tail End Charlie” should:

  1. Have a clear understanding of the intended route to be taken by the Trip Leader and have a map or GPS with the route on it.
  2. Make sure all vehicles have departed with the Main Body before joining the end of the convoy.
  3. Inform the Trip Leader when every vehicle has passed an obstacle or another vehicle.